New terrain product hitting the market.

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I thought I would let you folks know what the LGM team has been playing with recently.
For those of you that want a STM (Solid Terrain Model) product or traditional terrain sales model, but really and truly don't need the price tag or museum quality piece.


The above is 40"x28"

The model is milled out of high density urethane foam with a true color, high resolution, surface image.
This particular model was needed to show the existing physical structures (buildings in white) so the LGM team 3D printed the buildings and added them to the model.
These color terrain models can be produced in tiles. The largest single tile can be produced up to 47"x48". Pricing without buildings or the bamboo base is $200/square foot. The models can be produced in two weeks or less. Models work best at 1"=20' scale or smaller.

All terrain and image data for this model was free from Google Earth. The buildings were drawn in SketchUp.

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